One Of Our Favorite Brands: Williams-Sonoma

Favorite brands and shopping outlets can appeal to the diverse interests of many individuals.  At OPAS, one of our perennial likes is Williams-Sonoma, which is always providing people with the cooking gadgets that you never knew existed, but once you find them, you simply have to own.

For many people, just having a cookout and using the coal fueled hibachi can seem like enough of a festive occasion.  However, a number of grill enthusiasts will use this patio accessory year round, and for any meal of the day.  This is where Williams & Sonoma really delivers for unique applications in outdoor cooking.

If You Can Eat It, You Can Grill It

Several grill accessories have made the OPAS favorite list, and appeal to both gourmet grillers and casual enthusiasts.

  • Mesh Fry Pan – This unique contraption allows people to essentially stir fry on the grill.  The rounded pan can sit in the coals or on top of the grill grid, and accommodates chopped vegetables and meats for a unique outdoor cooking experience.
  • Popcorn Popper – An individual can now safely and expertly make popcorn on the grill.  The lid of the popper also doubles as a bowl and the pan design allows for an even distribution of heat so that all the kernels explode and none of them burn.
  • Braising Pan – This item is ideal for all the gourmet chefs, and gives an interesting take on the slow cooking experience.  Braised duck, Osso Bucco, and tender roasts are all possible on the grill for an expert presentation.
  • Flexible Skewers – These stainless steel skewers bed to accommodate easy threading of meats and vegetables, and also lock together in a loop so that none of the food is lost to the fire.  The flexible nature of this item also allows for the kebabs to be placed in the mesh fry pan, to further ensure that food is kept in place.
  • Flexi Basket – This item is a must for vegetable lovers.  The basket has a top and bottom that locks together, and allows for everything from corn to asparagus to be flame broiled.

williams sonoma popcorn

Getting A Start On Grilling

Along with these favorites, Williams & Sonoma always has serving tools, plates, cutting boards, and all the accessories that are needed to make cooking or grilling at any time a festive occasion.  Aspiring chefs around the world can find inspiration and efficiency from this brand favorite, while OPAS can help get the items to where they are going.  Our package forwarding services allow for shipping across the globe, and consolidating orders can also ensure that the saved fees can go to the luxury of good food and good times with friends.

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