Making Global Local with OPAS

Business has evolved to include a greater reach than ever before.  The use of the internet for locating products and services has helped many companies gain prominence and better international recognition.  However, while many US based companies continue to use online presence as a way of growing their brands, worldwide awareness and access can still be at odds.

Although some companies do make an effort to accommodate greater shipping needs, many are still limited in terms of how diverse their shipping reach is.  For international shoppers, this can include challenges such as not being within the receiving range for the span of countries that a vendor services, or having exorbitant additional fees tacked on in order for a package to reach its destination.

For the consumer, this can lead to extreme frustration.  It seems that when businesses decide to use the reach of the internet to gain better presence, they should also take into consideration actually making transaction with their diverse client base be able to happen.  The result is that international shoppers may find exactly the products they want, yet, seem to have no options for either payment, acquisition, or both.

Making Global Local

At OPAS, we understand that these impediments can have wide reaching detriments.  On one side, global consumers may be disappointed and dissatisfied about the lack of service and accommodations for their region of residency.  On the company side, it can set up a situation of loss of customer loyalty and halted growth on the worldwide market.  Neither of these outcomes is conducive to business productivity, and it can undermine the benefits that technology offers to commerce.

The solution can be relatively simple.  OPAS offers a number of practical and positive solutions to overcome the challenges of global shopping.  As a package forwarding service, we give you a US address to have all your products shipped to from the vendors, and then we can consolidate the items for a weight based shipping fee that not only cuts down on costs, but also allows you to make purchases with companies who do not ship internationally.

You will essentially have a virtual US residence to accommodate vendor requirements.  Since OPAS is located in one of the US states that does not charge sales tax, you will also be able to take advantage of that aspect of commerce. Shopping with OPAS means 0% US Sales Tax guaranteed! This allows you to save on your purchases, but also make the purchases you desire.  With an OPAS virtual address and package forwarding, the entire world can become your personal shopping mall.

Making Global Local with OPAS

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