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mail forwarding serviceDid you know that OPAS also offers a Mail Forwarding Service? You can use your mail forwarding address to receive personal or business correspondence, magazines etc. We forward your  mail to any country in the world.  You simply register with OPAS and you’ll receive a unique US address as well as a unique Japanese address.

We created this service specifically for people that have lived in the US and have moved away or expats living abroad. We know your correspondence is important to you and lend a helping hand by either forwarding your mail to your current address outside the US or we scan important documents and email them to you. A combination of both of these services is also possible.

Both our package forwarding services as well as our mail forwarding services gets you the items you desire without having to inconvenience your friends or family members.  One of our team members has recently moved from the Netherlands to the United States and has many family and friends asking her to forward packages or mail to the Netherlands. She recently had a bad experience at her local post office, waiting in line for over an hour and having to fill out customs forms just for forwarding a magazine and some lapel pins. Very inconvenient and not something you want to spend your valuable time dealing with.

Our dedicated team will take care of your mail forwarding needs as well as ship to you the items you might miss living abroad. We get requests to send magazines, important documents and items not available where you are, from your favorite brand of peanut butter to specific beauty brands only available in the US.

OPAS is more than a package or mail forwarding company. We keep you connected to your correspondence and your favorite US brands. We help you shop for the live you want, almost anywhere in the world.

To get started with OPAS simply register, pay your start up fee and start shopping, shipping and saving. Make sure you are on our mailing list to stay current on all our coupons and offerings and read our handy blogposts about shopping online in the US.

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