Labor Day – International Shipping for Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is approaching, and while many savvy international shoppers may already know what that means, we wanted to take a moment to advise all OPAS members and those interested in buying products in the US: there will be great sales!

Labor Day in the US began, as in many other countries, as a day to celebrate the labor movement. It quickly gained status as the end of the summer season, however, and marked the transition into autumn and the beginning of a new US school year. As such, many stores used it as a time to offer deep discounts on clothing, especially those items for children headed back to school!

OLD NAVY has become a favorite for the cost-conscious shopper looking for clothing for growing children of all ages. As an international shopper with an OPAS US Address, you can get the benefit of these great US prices and sales!

RALPH LAUREN is another favorite among OPAS members, and sure to provide some very intriguing options for discounts for the sales holiday.

And of course, AMAZON will be rolling out their trademark brand of big discounts. Many international shoppers out there already buy with Amazon, of course, but many also don’t realize how much they can save by consolidating their purchases and using their Sales Tax Free OPAS Address!

Here’s just one of the many great resources you can use to coordinate your Labor Day sales shopping with your US Address from OPAS!

There are many other online resources if you just search google or your preferred search provider for “Online Labor Day Sales“.

So get your Free US Address with OPAS today, if you don’t already have one, and get ready for these great Labor Day sales!

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