Kaizen Update: UPS Service is a GO!

You may remember a few weeks ago in this blog we mentioned that we’d be getting new rates for our members from a newly-negotiated contract with UPS. Well, we’ve got the new systems online and are ready to serve our members with the best package forwarding and delivery services in the world!

So, have you tried our new UPS rates with OPAS yet?


We’ve had a lot of customers who have made the switch, and are very happy shipping with UPS!

  • Our new UPS Saver option allows for the fastest transport available, a quoted rate of 1-3 days to nearly anywhere in the world
  • UPS Expedited is a more cost-conscious option, but still moving with considerable speed! If you’re looking for the best value by balancing speed and cost, it’s the right choice for you!

Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind using the new services:

  • Dimensional weight is still assessed with UPS packages, but OPAS is still working tirelessly to develop new ways of packaging items to reduce or eliminate any dimensional overage.
  • UPS has a different remote zone schedule than our other services – if you’ve been handling remote fees in the past and don’t want to have to deal with them anymore, you might not have to!
  • By that same token, you’ll want to check to see if you are in a remote zone by UPS standard before making the switch. Remember, remote zone is determined not by your distance from a metropolitan center, but by your distance from a facility where that service processes packages.
  • UPS can ship dangerous goods, but again, they have different regulations and requirements, so they may not be able to provide service to your country. Check with OPAS before committing to any purchases!

So if you’ve wanted to make some purchases in the US, but have been hesitant based on the cost, have a look at our new rates! We’ll be sending out some email materials to our members that haven’t been active for a while so that they’ll know about these great rates, so you might want to take a look at that as well. It may just include some further savings on shipping costs for you!

At OPAS, we’re always improving for you!

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