Kaizen Update: Our New UPS Rates!

As you may have heard us mention before, OPAS is a company that practices the Japanese business principle of Kaizen, which is represented by a cycle of constant improvement in all things.

To this end, OPAS has successfully negotiated a rate structure with United Parcel Service (UPS) that will allow us to reduce our rates on international shipments! As such, we have renewed our contract with UPS, and look forward to using their service to fulfill your shipping needs.

Keep an eye out for our new rates, they’ll be posted shortly!

If you’re still in the mindset of preferring DHL or Yamato, these services will still be available, don’t worry. As UPS will be able to provide better rates for you, however, you may wish to try out the new options – since the speed and service are comparable, why not choose to pay less?

Here at OPAS, we’re very excited about our renewing our partnership with UPS. International shipping is a market that deals with consistently rising costs, motivated by increasing price of fuel and the expansive nature of the infrastructure required for a first-rate logistics network. For us to be able to successfully reduce the charges our members will pay to use our service is very gratifying for us, and we hope you’ll find paying less to be similarly gratifying!


Remember: at OPAS we are always working to improve for you!

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