Kaizen: How We’re Improving for You!

Here at OPAS, we adhere to a principle known as Kaizen – this is a business philosophy that advocates a constant state of improvement. In a Kaizen workplace, change for the better is an expected part of the daily tasks of each employee, seeking new ways to improve practices and policies to reach a state of greater efficiency.

Kaizen has been advocated by many world-renowned companies, perhaps most famously so by Toyota, the Japanese auto manufacturer. As such, the Toyota Way, their corporate philosophy, has become a key identifier of Kaizen. One of the key components of this process is the PDCA cycle:


–          Plan

–          Do

–          Check

–          Act

If you remember from your science classes, this is basically the process known as the scientific method: formulate a hypothesis, experiment to test it, compare your results to the hypothesis, and reach the conclusion that the hypothesis is either true or false. It’s the same with OPAS in improving our protocols, policies and processes to reach a greater level of proficiency.

As detailed by the graphic above, OPAS is in the business of improvement. We locate problems, display those problems to responsible individuals, clear the problem, and acknowledge the improvement, spreading it into other elements of the workplace as well, if applicable.

OPAS is not alone in our adherence to Kaizen – here are some other companies that practice the policies of constant improvement that you may have heard of: Toyota (obviously), Ford Motors, Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Telstra Australia!

A major part of the Kaizen process is receiving input, so if you as a customer have ideas on how OPAS can improve for you, or have a Kaizen concept of your own, please share it with us at service@opas.com. We’re always open to customer feedback!

We’ll be talking more about Kaizen in the future, discussing details of what exactly the philosophy means, and talking about the history of Kaizen!

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