International Shipping on iPad 2 for Package Forwarding Members

Apple’s latest and most desirable product yet, the iPad 2, goes on sale this coming Friday, March 11. It’s thinner, lighter, and faster than it’s popular predecessor. But only for those with a USA address. Package forwarding members can get the device early and get the jump on Apple’s new design.

Apple iPad 2The worldwide release isn’t scheduled until the end of the month, and of course, the price points around the world will be set far higher than in the US market.

Luckily, Apple isn’t taking preorders for the device, so international shoppers have just as good a chance of picking one up on Launch Day as US shoppers. Apple doesn’t ship internationally, but if you have a USA address, you can use package forwarding services to send the iPad 2 anywhere in the world.

The best part? Buy the iPad 2 using your OPAS address and you won’t have to pay sales tax. On a product that cost $599, that saves you almost $60.00 off the price in California. Even if you live in the US, this is a great way to save on the cost of a new iPad 2!

Apple is even offering free domestic shipping (as well as free engraving!), so you won’t have to pay anything more than the purchase price and forwarding fee!

Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular for work, school, and entertainment. The iPad 2 is leading the way, and package forwarding services let you participate in the fast-paced world of global technology and reach this new milestone before anyone else.

What will you use your new iPad 2 for? Work, education, or maybe more online shopping? 😉

ipad 2 international shipping

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