International Shipping Fraud? Package Forwarding Is Your Solution

Using A Package Forwarding Service Can Help Prevent International Shipping Fraud

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem: international “customers” who purchase from your website using stolen credit card information. By the time the card is reported stolen, your merchandise is already out of the country and impossible to recover.

international shipping fraudIn some cases, this problem is so prevalent that many retail businesses simply refuse to ship internationally in order to protect themselves against international shipping fraud. This hurts both the business (since they deny themselves potential sales) and customers (legitimate customers who are interested in purchasing from your website).

How Package Forwarding Can Help Protect Against International Shipping Fraud

Package forwarding for business is a great way to pre-screen your international customers before they place an order on your website, to ensure that only honest, legitimate customers are able to buy from you.

If you only accept international orders from customers using a package forwarding address, then our two-stage fraud protection system eliminates the risk of fraudsters buying from your website.

First, we charge a small, random amount (between $1.00 and $2.00) to each credit card upon registration. The potential buyer has to verify the amount charged (to prove they are the owner of the card) before we activate their package forwarding address.

Second, we require the potential buyer to send us a copy of a recent billing statement that verifies the card number, billing address, and account holder’s name. If any of this information is unverifiable, we do not allow international buyers to make purchases using our package forwarding address.

Our last security measure is the most important. We check all incoming merchandise against the buyer’s verified documents before shipping internationally. Even if an international buyer legitimately passes the security screening but tries to use different, unverified billing information to purchase from your website, we will not ship the purchase and will return the merchandise to the seller.

Don’t Lose Customers Over International Shipping Fraud!

Fraud is a regrettable problem, but it’s important to remember that fraudsters are only a small portion of international shoppers. It’s a shame when a business is forced to turn away legitimate customers because the risk is too great.

As an industry, package forwarding is very familiar with international shipping fraud and spends a lot of time combating it. The smart package forwarding companies are the ones who can offer you a safe way to allow honest international customers who are genuinely interested in your products to purchase from your website.

What’s your biggest question about international shipping fraud? Ask in the comments section below and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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