International Shipping For US Based Businesses

International shipping can be a pain no matter where your business is based, and it’s especially hard for US based businesses. If you’re a US based business, there are a few things you should consider before you ship internationally. These things will help you be prepared for different shipping rules, rates, and time frames.

  • US Shipping Regulations – You need to understand US shipping regulations so that you know what you can send out of the country, and what other people, suppliers, or businesses can send into the country. Live animal shipments are widely prohibited for US companies, for instance, as are firearms and other items.
  • Destination Shipping Regulations – Just like the US, other destinations have shipping regulations and restrictions as well. Make sure you’re not sending anything that’s illegal in that country. A few sensitive or prohibited items may be currency, furs, ivory, bullion, and items that require refrigeration.
  • Shipping Company Policies – Not only do you need to contend with the two countries you’ll be shipping two and from, you also need to deal with the shipping company’s policies. You won’t be able to ship any items that are against their rules. Make sure you company is reliable as well, you wouldn’t want your packages getting lost.
  • Packaging – Packaging is an incredibly important aspect of sending international packages. You need to ensure that the packaging is secure, and that it will keep the material safe.
  • Labels – International shipping labels and address requirements vary by country, so make sure you get this right. Do a little research, or ask for a very specific address from your clients or customers overseas so that you can create the correct label for your international package.

international shipping with OPAS

All of these are rules, regulations, or aspects of shipping that US based businesses should pay extra attention to when shipping international merchandise. For help with international shipping, you can also speak with some experts. We are an expert in package forwarding and shipping and we help overseas clients get US addresses. We offer a range of other services as well, so check out our website to learn more and see if we can help with your international shipping concerns.

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