How To Sell Your Products Overseas Using Package Forwarding

There Is A Market For Your Products Overseas–Here’s How To Reach It

No matter what you sell, there is certainly a market for it overseas. Even if you think that your store is too small, or your products are too localized, chances are that there is interest abroad that you’re probably missing.

sell your products overseasIf you sell handmade Halloween ornaments, someone in Europe wants your product to plan an unconventional party. If your website offers souvenirs from Cincinnati, Ohio, someone is Asia visited there last year and wants to buy some memories.

And if you have a product with a wider audience, you’re even more in demand overseas. The hard part isn’t finding customers–they’ll find you. The hard part is taking their orders and getting them products. Package forwarding for business solves both of those problems.

Taking International Orders Through Your Website

There are two main reasons that stores are reluctant to accept international orders. The first is technical. If your ecommerce platform is only set up to process domestic orders, then adjusting it to accommodate international orders can be a hassle, and might not seem worth the effort if you don’t expect to generate a huge amounts of new sales.

Package forwarding for business eliminates this problem by issuing each of your international customers a US address. This way, you can process international orders exactly the same way you process US orders.

Package forwarding for business makes it simple for you to process international orders, and for your customers to place them, using your existing ecommerce system.

The second reason many online merchants are hesitant to accept international orders is risk. Because it’s harder to identify and prosecute fraudulent buyers from overseas, a lot of businesses try to eliminate risk by eliminating international sales.

This is a huge mistake, and cuts off a significant portion of your potential market.

Luckily, package forwarding for business also acts as a screening process for your international customers. Because the forwarding company will issue a US address to a customer, the customer must pass a security screening that verifies they are using legitimate funds to purchase from your store.

This means you can take international orders safely, without worrying about chargebacks or other dangers of international commerce.

Shipping Your Products Overseas

There are three main obstacles to shipping overseas that keep a lot of companies from opening up to international sales. The first is cost, the second is time, and the third is customs.

Package forwarding takes care of the cost problem by replacing your international shipments with domestic ones. All you have to do is get your product from your warehouse to the forwarding warehouse in the US, and the forwarder will take care of the international part. You can even save money on your regular domestic shipping costs, since you have the potential to ship more volume to the same address.

The time it takes to process an international shipment is similarly reduced to that of a domestic one when you use package forwarding for business. You can forget about country codes, regulations, or special forms. Just ship your products to the forwarding warehouse, and let the forwarder do the rest.

A final hangup is customs. The rules vary by country, and shipping internationally might mean you have to spend hours sorting through various rules to make sure you comply. Package forwarding solves this problem, too–forwarders are familiar with the customs rules in every country around the world, and can make sure your products enter the destination country safely and on time.

Great Time To Start Selling Overseas

The bottom line is that there is no practical reason for you not to sell your products overseas. Even if the demand seems very small, package forwarding will remove all the extra work and worry, so that even a moderate increase in sales will be well worth making the option available to your customers.


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