How To Purchase Apple Watch From The US Apple Store (And Other Products)

how to purchase apple watch from the us apple storeWe know many of you are Apple fans and we also know it can be challenging to purchase Apple products such as the new Apple Watch from outside the US. Especially when you want to get your hands on the latest releases.

Follow our tutorial on how to purchase Apple Watch from the US Apple Store.

The highly anticipated Apple Watch and the new MacBook are both going to be available very soon and to offer you the best chance of ordering these items from the US and sending them to the country you call home we urge you to follow the following steps.

The following steps on how to purchase Apple Watch from the US Apple Store were proven successful with previous product launches by Apple:

  1. Make sure your US shipping address and US billing address are the same. Apple requires these addresses are the same. To do this, register here to get your OPAS account. Use the promo code APPLE for FREE REGISTRATION.
  2. If you do not yet have one, get a prepaid VISA card from our partner US Unlocked. US Unlocked will support your OPAS US address and enables you to have your shipping address and billing address match. SIGN UP with US Unlocked for their US Unlocked Card. This pre-paid virtual debit card is issued by a US bank. Get your US Unlocked card here. 
  3. Set up a US iTunes account and link your US Unlocked Card to it while connected over VPN with a US IP address. The connection over a Virtual Private Network is an integral part of this process becoming successful so do not forget to sign up for a VPN service and make sure you are connect over VPN whilst making your order.
  4. Purchase your Apple Watch or any other Apple product (don’t forget the accessories) and use the iTunes account you set up for payment.
  5. We will ship your order to your country.

On occasion, you may receive an error email that states that Apple doesn’t ship to package forwarding services, but this is no reason to panic. In these cases, it often means that their stock has run into short supply, and this is an automated message which may disappear in a few days’ time. Should you receive this error message, we suggest waiting a couple of days and trying your order again, which often works for many of you.

If you still find this method does not succeed, please contact OPAS and use our personal shopper program, which has a very high success rate. Please note our personal shopper service can only process limited quantities per account.


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