How to Make a Package Forwarding Shipment Request

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Ok, so you’ve already signed up for a US address, used your new US address to shop online at USA stores, had your purchases shipped to your US address, and declared your order to prepare for international shipping. Whew! Now what? How do your packages get from OPAS to your country?

Sometimes, package forwarding shoppers don’t realize that you are in control of when you ship your packages! When your packages arrive at OPAS, we hold them for you in our warehouse in case you want to consolidate packages to reduce shipping costs.

Control Package Forwarding Through Your Item Manager

When you’re ready to ship your packages internationally, you can make a shipping request through the OPAS website. When you log in to your OPAS account, you’ll be taken directly to the Item Manager.

On the Item Manager screen, you can choose which packages you want to ship by checking the boxes next to each one. Then just click the “Ship” button to ship your packages overseas.

New Options for International Shipping from USA Stores

After you click the “Ship” button, the Shipping Options screen will pop up automatically. Last month, we introduced several new international shipping options that you can choose from on this screen.

First of all, you can select your preferred carrier. If you don’t have a preference, you can simply opt for the least expensive shipping method. (You can check the international shipping calculator to estimate the shipping costs from each carrier.)

You can also add insurance, inspection service, or expedited processing from this screen. You can even type special instructions to our staff regarding your shipment.

International Shipping from US Stores Starts NOW! 🙂

Once you click the “Request” button, your packages will be queued for shipment. You’ll automatically receive an e-mail confirmation and tracking number once your package has been shipped.

How long does it take to receive your package from the US? That depends on where you’re shipping it to.

How long did your last shipment take and what country did you send it to? Tell us in the comments section so others can see your experiences!



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