How To Get Started Using The Best Mail And Package Forwarding Services

Whenever you are shopping online, you may have noticed that many American-based companies will not ship packages internationally and will only deliver to US addresses.  So if you live overseas and have a business there, how do you buy products for your business as well as items for your family members? Interestingly enough, there is an entire industry niche that is dedicated to solving the problem for those international businesses and shoppers who are trying to purchase products and have them shipped overseas.

These companies are commonly referred to as mail and package forwarding services. When you don’t have business contacts or family living in the US and you are dealing with a seller that won’t ship to you, using an international package forwarding service makes a lot of sense.  There are a number of these services to be found on the internet and they all work in similar fashion. Once you have established your account, you can purchase the products you are interested in, and use your new US address as the shipping address.

Getting Started Is Quick And Easy

Start by signing up and paying any fees that may be required.  Once you have established your account, you can purchase the products you are interested in.  These products will then be shipped to the address of the US package forwarding service that you have chosen. When you sign up with Overseas Personal Address Service, you will get your own unique, personalized package forwarding address.  Now you can use your address to make purchases at stores throughout the US. OPAS considers itself one of the best mail and package forwarding services in the businesses, our excellent customer service is known far and wide!

Take note: when you ship an item to your OPAS Oregon address you are not paying any US sales tax. The savings can be remarkable. OPAS will hold on to your package(s) until you decide to have them shipped to your overseas location, making the most of package consolidation and saving even more!

Far away

What To Look For

Unlike some international mail forwarding services or US package forwarding services that have not been in business that long, Overseas Personal Address Service was established in 1990.  We offer the most comprehensive line of services in the mail and package forwarding industry.  So whether your business is based domestically or internationally, we can assist you and make sure that your packages will be shipped anywhere in the world.  It has never been easier to ship packages overseas.


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