How To Consolidate Orders From Multiple Stores To Save On Shipping

Getting the best prices when you shop online is important, and in many cases, it means buying from the US. But when you lack a US address, you may need the help of an affordable, trustworthy package forwarder. At OPAS, we are that forwarder. We make it easy to save big on your shopping and shipping by letting you order your items online, have them shipped to an address we provide to you, and then forwarding the packages directly to your address in the country you currently call home.

And while we offer low shipping, the fact is that sometimes international shipping charges can add up quickly. Instead of spending money on every shipment, a better option is to consolidate your orders and save. You can buy from multiple locations and have them all shipped at the same time in the same package for lower costs and better convenience.

save on shipping with package consolidation

It’s really a simple process. To use our consolidation service, just order your packages from wherever you desire, using the same US address we provide for all the orders. Once they arrive, our team will combine the orders into one box and then forward the entire package to you. When you consolidate orders, it saves you money by eliminating the ‘first pound or kilo’ charge on multiple packages, by reducing extra packaging to reduce size and packing material weight, and more.

With your US address, you’ll be able to enjoy great savings during special deals, order products that aren’t available in other countries, and enjoy a wide range of other benefits. And with our dedicated team of professionals handling every order you don’t have to worry about your packages getting lost, damaged, or stolen. We’re trustworthy and capable of handling any type of shipment – as long as it meets all international shipping regulation guidelines.

If you want to shop and enjoy savings and special offers that are only available in the US, you need to spend time making sure that you do business with the right forwarding company. We stand out for numerous reasons, and we’re ready to help you. Contact us today to get your US address and start enjoying the kind of shopping that you deserve.

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