How to Benefit from 0% US Sales Tax and Memorial Day Sales!

Making the most of the OPAS Oregon advantage can be especially interesting during the yearly recurring sales in the US. One of the biggest sales that take place every year is the Memorial Day sales; in fact, it’s happening right now!

Getting the best prices

Getting the lowest prices isn’t always easy when you do not live in the US. Some of the best prices are even hidden from customers that are browsing the sales from outside the United States.

Before you start your shopping spree you will have to hide your location and set up a VPN (virtual private network) service, such as Hotspot Shield, Strong VPN, or HideMyAss. Using one of these VPN services will enable you to shop on US websites and get the best prices that are available. Now that you have set up your VNP and have found some of the best sales out there, you can make your order using your OPAS package forwarding address.

0% Sales Tax Guarantee

Remember with OPAS you are not only able to benefit from US sales, you are also guaranteed 0% US sales tax.  Because OPAS is located in Oregon we can offer our customers the 0% Sales Tax Guarantee: If you have to pay US Sales Tax, OPAS will refund your shipping cost. US state sales tax is usually 7%-10%. You will be surprised how much you can save!

Memorial Day Sales

Save On Shipping Costs by consolidating your purchases

After making your purchases you can take advantage of shipping cost savings by consolidating your packages to save on shipping costs. OPAS will repack multiple boxes together into a single box, reducing your international shipping cost. You can store your packages for consolidation at OPAS up to 30 days for free!

Your packages are handled with care

OPAS’ expert repackaging team will hand-pack your purchased products; each shipment receives individual attention. We’ll pack it as compact as possible while ensuring safety for the trip to your home country.

Start finding the items you love today and benefit from 0% US sales tax, efficient package consolidation and excellent customer service with OPAS!

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