How Much is the Tax on That?

Here at OPAS, one of the greatest benefits of our service is the fact that as we’re located in Oregon, all purchases made to an OPAS mailbox are not assessed US state sales tax, which runs between 7% and 10% in most of the other states in the US.

If you’re an established OPAS customer, you’ve probably heard us talk about this before in emails, or seen our frequent mentions of it on our website and in this blog, but news this good needs spread, and we want to make sure everybody knows how much they can save with OPAS, not just on shipping costs, but on the very items they’re buying to ship.

To that end, we ask: How Much is the Tax on That?


Kindle Paperwhite?

That’s $119.99 USD on

In Florida, that’s $8.39 in tax. In California, it’d be about $10.79 in tax. That may not sound like a whole lot, but let’s look at some higher cost items, shall we?

Let’s suppose you went on a shopping spree at Ralph Lauren…

Suppose you spent $400.00 USD on your new wardrobe. In Florida, you actually spent $428.00. In California, it’d be $436.00. Starting to see the savings, right?

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How about if you decided to buy this lovely new Dell Inspiron laptop, at $799.00 USD? How much is the tax on that?

Well, for Florida shoppers, the tax would be $55.93, and in California, it’d be $71.91!

But you don’t have to worry about that, because as an OPAS customer, you get to order your merchandise in the best state in the US to shop in… Oregon!

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