How Do Men & Women Use Package Forwarding Differently?

The Financial Times recently ran an article on how men and women use online shopping differently. The article mostly focuses on clothing purchases, but there’s no reason to think that these shopping habits don’t apply to other retail purchases as well. These days, products are cross-marketed across genders, from computers for women to hair removal products for men. Here are some of the differences in how each sex shops, according to the Financial Times:

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  • Men are more interested in getting what “works best for them” than in the latest fashions.
  • Women like to browse or “window shop,” whereas men want to shop quickly with minimal fuss.
  • Women are more likely to consult with a clerk, whereas men are more likely to buy a “top rated” product.
  • Men feel more comfortable exchanging information about products online.

How do these profiles translate to package forwarding preferences? Our memberships are evenly split between men and women. One metric that we don’t track, but which would make an interesting comparison, is how long our male and female members store their purchases in our warehouse. If the Financial Times analysis is true, we might expect male members to make shipping requests more rapidly, and female members to store items for longer but consolidate more items in each shipment.

Could there be a difference between domestic shoppers and international shoppers? According to the Financial Times, men make more use than women of on-screen facts, e-mail help, and social media when shopping online. But package forwarding shoppers don’t have as many options, since walking into a retail store for help isn’t usually possible.

Do you agree with the claims in the Financial Times article? Do you use package forwarding to “window shop” or do you prefer to ship your purchases as quickly as possible? And what about shopping with social networking? (If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook to see how men and women are making package forwarding social!)

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