How Can Package Forwarding Make Your Packing and Shipping Easier?

Packing and shipping anything can be more of a nightmare than you first think. There are so many different options today. Finding the best deal with a reliable shipper who is going to get your goods to you or your customers on time can be time-consuming and an exercise in trial and error that you can ill afford.

Instead, a package forwarding company can have the package sent to their own domestic address. They can then choose a shipping company of their choice to have the package sent on, saving you time and money.

Here’s all about stress-free delivery.

Tried and Tested

When you order something from an online seller – particularly if you are purchasing something from an international company- you are stuck with whatever shipping supplier that the company chooses.

For instance, if you buy something from Amazon then you are confined to their shipping company. This is regardless of how long it takes and its reputation. If, however, you use a shipping forward company, then you can sub-contract the shipping process out.

The forwarding company will know which shipping company will work best to get you or your companies’ goods at the fastest time and to reduce any chance of your goods getting lost. You can take advantage of the retail delivery wars to ensure you get the best service and the best price.

Bigger Product Range

You can often get cheaper prices if you use a shipping forwarding company to arrange your delivery for you. This is because they often arrange to ship in bulk. They can then pass some of this discount on to you.

Perhaps the biggest perk of using a shipping forwarding company, particularly, if you are an individual seller is the bigger variety of products that it opens up. Many American companies only sell to American addresses because the costs and infrastructure required to ship international are too onerous for a small company.

Domestic Addresses

But a shipping forwarding company uses a domestic address for the initial shipment before forwarding the goods on to you. This means you have opened up a huge range of products that might be unavailable in your home country or not yet released yet. There are specific companies for international forward shipping.

A service like this might suit video gamers, keen to get an early release of a game that is released in the U.S or Japan before it is released in Europe or the U.S.

Because of currency conversions and companies charging different prices for different markets, the cost of some goods in the U.S, Europe or Asia can be cheaper than in your home country.


Apple lowers the cost of some of its products to ensure that they stay competitive for different markets, particularly in markets like China where there is a different culture for electronic goods and an ever-expanding middle class.

Shipping forward companies can purchase these products and then send them on to you. Often even with the costs of shipping included it is cheaper to buy products abroad.

But remember using shipping forward companies to ship Apple products can be tricky as they often take extra precautions to avoid fraud which can sometimes adversely affect genuine customers.


If you are starting an e-commerce business then the chances are you are going to need a good shipping setup. Otherwise, you might start to lose customers who can’t rely on your products reaching them in time.

Shipping forwarding companies can be instrumental in solving this problem.

Many of those who run e-commerce companies do so online, rather than paying for the costs of an office. So arranging to ship can be a logistical nightmare if you have nowhere to store the goods you are shipping.

By hiring a shipping forwarding company, you never have to see the goods yourself or think about storage issues. But you can still ensure your customers receive them on time.

The Costs of Re-Shipping

Whilst re-shipping is a great way of reducing the costs of shipping, there are still some expenses involved that it is important to be aware of.

Some re-shipping firms charge an annual membership fee. However, included in the price of this is unrivaled customer service. Most shipping firms do not offer this. This is very important when it comes to providing for your own customers.

New Technology

Shipping forwarding companies use new technology to save you time and money. They can often take payments in a whole host of mediums, even if they are not offered by the company selling the goods.

Shipping forwarding companies can now accept payment methods like Paypal, which can be helpful.


Another benefit is that you or your customers can sometimes pay in a different currency. If you are buying something from a country other than the U.S you could potentially pay in U.S dollars.

There is also auditing software available which can help spot differences in billing with major businesses.

Packing and Shipping Made Easy

Packing and shipping are made easy by shipping forwarding companies. If you are looking to purchase goods for a cheaper price from a different country, shipping forwarding companies can solve many of your problems.

If you own or run an e-commerce business then shipping forwarding can help you take the hassle out of potentially one of the most stressful sides of your business, particularly if you work online.

It can be a great way of delegating responsibility for shipping to a firm that you know will provide you with the best price and most reliable service.

If you are interested in stress-free shipping then be sure to check out our complete list of services to see if we can be of assistance.

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