Save Money With Honey; Honey Automatically Searches For And Applies Coupon Codes

Save Money With Honey

Honey is a service that makes it very easy to save money and time. Honey works as a browser extension and works its magic when you check out. Honey will automatically find coupon codes for you and applies them to your order for the site you are shopping on.

Supported Stores

Honey works with thousand of stores and does the work for you, you will not have to lift a finger to find great coupons! Shopping and saving money has never been easier. With stores supported such as Amazon,, Zappos and Ralph Lauren you will find what you are looking for and apply any active coupons.

Occasionally Honey will not be able to apply an active coupon. The most common reason is that there aren’t any coupon codes available that apply to your order at that given time.

Register for Honey (it's free!)

Using your personal link you can register for Honey, simply follow instructions for registration and download the extension for your browser. When you are shopping you will see the honey button honey button in your browser.

Benefiting from sales and coupons just became that much easier. With an an OPAS package forwarding address and US Unlocked Virtual Debit card  you can truly shop like an American!

Honey homepage
How Honey works page

If you do not have a package forwarding address yet, please follow these steps: 

Sign up for OPAS and get your own personal US address

Supercharge your buying power by adding a virtual US VISA debit card from US Unlocked.

Start shopping!

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