Here Are 10 Shopping Strategies You Can Use To Save Money Now

Saving money matters in a big way, and it’s well worth taking some time to understand more about how to cut costs and save as much as you can. But it’s not always easy, and here at OPAS we think you deserve to get all the info you can on the subject.

With that in mind, here are 10 shopping strategies that can save you money now.

Here Are 10 Shopping Strategies You Can Use To Save Money Now

  1. Know When To Shop – The simple fact is that sometimes you don’t need something immediately. In these cases you can afford to shop around and wait on better prices. Be sure to remember that you don’t always have to rush right out and make a purchase.
  1. Shop Online – Online shopping can offer you big savings. Even if you’re outside the US, you’ll have options that can let you shop at major American stores – more on that in a second. The key thing to remember is to always check around online.
  1. Timing Matters – US stores regularly run all sorts of specials, and even major purchases like products from major retailers like Victoria’s Secret often go on sale during different times of the year. Things like President’s Day sales or Black Friday can save you big, so be sure to time your efforts properly.
  1. Coupons Work –Make sure you consult Google before and during shopping. Sits like retailmenot will have coupons but niche bloggers will sometimes also offer great discounts and promotions you can use to improve your savings.
  1. Shop Around – It doesn’t take much time when you’re shopping online to compare different prices. You can often even use search engines like Google to get quick comparisons of different prices at different retailers. Make sure you don’t forget Amazon. You can find many unexpected items and brands on Amazon.
  1. Sign Up – One thing that many people overlook is that signing up for rewards clubs can help save big. In some cases like Amazon Prime you may have to pay for a membership, but in other instances signing up is free and can net you some big savings.
  1. Shop for gifts on unlikely dates – think about Christmas gifts in January or Mother’s day gifts in February, by having a list of people and the gifts you might want to purchase for them handy you can always make a successful purchase and have a little storage with gifts that are ready to go
  1. Expand Your Horizons – You probably have a dozen or so go-to stores or websites you shop from, right? But what are you missing out there? Take some time to look into other business. You could get great service and even better pricing. (again, think Amazon)
  1. Set Up Your US mailing Address – This is what we alluded to way up in tip 2. If you’re outside the US it can be easy to feel like you will miss out on some opportunities. OPAS can set up a US mailing address for you and forward your orders, letting you save in the process.
  1. Tax Free Matters – Not only do most states run tax free days for school related supplies, but those with an Oregon address can order online for free. Once again, our forwarding service can make a big difference for you.

US Mailing address forwarding perfect if you like to shop and save in the US.  You shouldn’t miss out on those just because you live elsewhere. Contact OPAS today to find out more about this service and how to make it work for you. 


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