Have you tried your Japan address yet?

Did you know you already have a Japan address as well as a US address if you’re registered with OPAS?

If you haven’t tried your Japan address, now’s a great time to do so!

fromJPNew shipping rates for EMS service from Japan!

Our shipping rate from Japan has decreased, and it starts from 1,440 yen to Asian countries.

You can check our new shipping rate here!

The Insurance fee structure for shipments from Japan is different than from the US. Please note below:

Claim amount under 20,000JPY is free of charge. It is possible to upgrade the claim amount of by paying 50JPY for each 20,000JPY. The upper limit on the compensation to be paid is 2,000,000JPY.

You can find out more details here.

New “ePacket” service added

This is also a service by Japan Post, best used for smaller parcels and more affordable than EMS service. It starts from 927 yen to Asian countries.

You can check the shippping rate here!


1. Where can I shop?

Here are some popular online websites where you can shop in Japan. You can change the language setting to be in English. These are just suggestions, you can shop in any Japanese store you want!

rakuten logo

amazoncojp logo

2. Where can I find my Japan address?

You can find your Japan address in your OPAS account profile page.

You’ll see it displayed in English, as well as in Japanese text.

When you check out, use your Japan address as the shipping address and we will receive your order at our Japan branch in Osaka.

3. What if I have troubles to place an order because of language barrier?

You can contact OPAS customer service if you have any problem. We have customer service agents who are fluent in Japanese and English.

Also, we can assist you to purchase what you want through our Personal Shopper service just as easily from Japanese stores as we do from US ones!


If you wish to receive personal mail items, correspondence and letters OR parcels to your Japan address, please follow the instruction the below link.

Enjoy shopping in Japan!


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