Have You Heard About… WOOT!

Welcome to Have You Heard About…, which will be a recurring feature on our OPAS blog, designed to alert our primarily international customer base about websites that you may not be aware of, because they primarily serve a US or Japanese customer base. As an OPAS customer, however, you have a US and Japanese address, so you can take full advantage of some of these amazing sites.

www.woot.com is a company that was founded in 2004, or rather a conglomeration of companies, that formed together to offer daily deals on any number of different kinds of products, offering them for sale dramatically below list prices.

Their primary focus is electronics and other tech items, but Woot also deals in jewelry, housewares, children’s toys, clothing, sporting gear, and even wine! Quite frankly, there’s not a lot they’re not offering first-rate sale prices on, in the style of a limited-amount clearance sale.

These sales are changed daily, so Woot.com is a good site to make a habit of checking on a regular basis, perhaps over your morning coffee.

The guys at Woot have a very particular sense of humor, to say the least, and you’ll see it reflected on every page of their site. So don’t take anything too seriously, and accept that there will be puns, odd phrasing and wry humor. The deals are solid. If their peculiar humor strikes your fancy, they have a very thriving blog and discussion forum community where you’ll be able to discuss products and deals with like-minded individuals!

As for payment, international credit cards may run into some issues; it’s a merchant-by-merchant case on linked products through deals.woot, and of the Woot retail sites, only shirt.woot accepts international credit cards. At present, it seems there’s something of a situation going on with woot.com regarding whether they’ll accept PayPal or not. This is not a big deal for the OPAS customer, however, thanks to Personal Shopper and OPAS Deposit!

With personal shopper, we can make your purchases for you using our US credit cards, so there won’t be any problem navigating the tricky spot of a company that doesn’t accept international payments. The prices you’ll find on woot.com are still great deals even with the service fee for Personal Shopper factored in, don’t worry! OPAS Desposit allows our customers to pre-pay purchase costs and the like, so there’s no danger of that sort of delay causing you to miss out on the deal you want!

As Woot changes their sales on a daily basis and is located in the Central Standard Time Zone of the US, this may mean our international customers will have to do their deal hunting at odd times of day, depending on where you are in the world. However, Central Standard Time is only 2 hours ahead of us in Oregon, so as long as we get your order request during our business hours, we shouldn’t have any problem processing the request.

So take a look at www.woot.com and see if there’s something you like. If you don’t find anything, the beauty of a daily-deal site like Woot is that you can try again tomorrow!

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