Have You Heard About… Simplehuman?


Thanks for reading Have You Heard About…, where we highlight a merchant that our international customers may not know about, because either they’re a smaller operation, or just starting out, or because they don’t offer international shipping as an option.

Today’s focused merchant,, is definitely in that last category. They’re definitely well known, as their products have been positively reviewed in dozens of well-known publications and won a number of design awards, both in the US and abroad. Unfortunately, the only international shipping option available from simplehuman’s website is to the UK, so OPAS can provide an opportunity for our customers in other parts of the world to access these fine products!

What we find refreshing in simplehuman’s design and corporate philosophy is their pursuit of efficiency. If you’ve read in this blog before about OPAS’ practice of Kaizen, you’ll know that efficiency in processes is a vital part of achieving your best results. Simplehuman takes this philosophy and makes it available to you in your home.

Simplehuman sells, as they put it, “tools for efficient living.” These tools usually take the form of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and aids that are the height of practical design, as well as carrying a sleek, modern design that is very appealing.


Pretty neat, right? We think so.

They use sensor technology in their wastebaskets, soap dispensers and even their bathroom mirrors (which will light up when you look into the mirror and turn off when you walk away!) to provide as efficient and hands-free a usage experience as possible.

All of their products are constructed of the highest quality of materials and are arduously tested for survivability before being approved, so you know you’ll be making a purchase that will serve you for many years.

As for ordering these items, as we’ve stated, will only ship to US addresses, so placing a Personal Shopper request will very likely be necessary for you to purchase these items. However, Simplehuman’s shipping policy is to provide free shipping for every order over $49 USD, so it’s very likely that between this and OPAS’ Oregon sales tax-free shopping ability, you’ll only be paying the purchase price and our modest service fee.

Be advised when ordering some of their larger and bulkier items, like wastebaskets, that OPAS does bill international shipping on dimensional weight. You can use our shipping calculator at to determine dimensional weight once you know the model you’d like.

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