Have You Heard About… Etsy?


We find that some of our customers may not be aware of some of even the largest e-commerce companies out there, particularly those who don’t offer universal international shipping. Etsy just may be one of those sorts – it’s very big here in the US because it’s a great way to browse, purchase and sell your own hand-made and unique merchandise, but because it’s a member-based site and not all members provide international shipping, OPAS can definitely help you as an international consumer to get in on the customized fun of Etsy!

etsy international

Etsy is similar in a lot of ways to Amazon Marketplace, where it’s a larger umbrella company offering support for smaller vendors. You’ll need to create an Etsy account, which also allows you to access a greater community of fellow buyers, sellers, artists and crafters. The site offers a number of social network functions, enabling each member to follow favorite sellers, converse with other members, and participate in online “Labs” regarding arts and crafts projects.

Once you’re registered, you can use your OPAS address to browse from thousands and thousands of customized gifts, art projects, knick-knacks and more. Etsy breaks all their listings down into general categories like “art,” “home & living,” “jewelry,” “vintage” and “weddings,” but to try to catalog all the individual sorts of items in those categories would take a lot more space than we have for this blog! Go to www.etsy.com and check it out for yourself!

There are blog posts aplenty to recommend purchases, provide how-to guides for your own projects, and other useful bits of information. They even have Blog editions specifically for France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia.


So if you’re an international buyer with a taste for hand crafted merchandise and artistic creations, check out Etsy and we’ll show you how OPAS can help you reach a wider variety of unique purchase opportunities!

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