Google Catalogs Helps You Buy From US Stores With One App

Google’s New iPad App Makes Buying From US Stores Easier

It was only a few months ago that Google Commerce made it easier for shoppers to search for items at US online stores. Now, Google has taken their e-commerce technology one step further with Google Catalogs, a new iPad app that brings catalogs from all the US stores you buy from together in one place, for an interactive shopping experience.

buy from us stores with google catalogsActually, Google Catalogs works a lot like early package forwarding services, acting like a catalog of catalogs. The app lets you search the catalogs of popular stores like Williams-Sonoma, L.L. Bean, Sephora, Nordstrom, and hundreds more. You can even group together catalogs from only your favorite stores, and search just the stores you like to shop at.

Unlike simply browsing each store’s website, Google Catalogs presents the store’s items in a rich graphic format with an attractive design, similar to the presentation of a printed catalog. But like an online website, all you have to do to buy an item is click the “buy online” button.

The app even takes the catalog concept into the 21st century by letting you see videos and product demonstrations of interesting items. It’s a bit like embedding a TV commercial right into the catalog that you can watch just by clicking.

Another cool feature of the Google Catalogs App is that you can create custom showcases of your own, called “collages.” You can make a collection of items from similar stores, then share your collection with friends.

Google Catalogs even has a tool that makes it especially useful for package forwarding shoppers. Just in case the store you want to buy from only accepts US credit cards, Google Catalogs will let you see the local availability of an item. All you have to do is use a personal shopper from your package forwarding company to go pick up the item for you.

Watch the video below to see Google Catalogs in action:

A New Way To Buy From US Stores

Technology moves pretty quickly, and new ways to buy from US stores are coming up all the time. Luckily, you don’t have to be a gadget wizard to make use of these new ways to buy from US stores.

Items like the iPad and Google Catalogs make buying from US stores easier than ever before, so there’s never been a better time to use package forwarding to buy from the US and ship internationally. If you still don’t have a US address for shopping, you can register for a package forwarding account now.


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