Get Shipping Credit by Inviting Your Friends to OPAS

Earn Credit Each Time Your Friends Use Package Forwarding

Shopping online is fun, but shopping with friends is even better. And it’s even better still when your friends can help you earn credit to apply toward your next package forwarding shipment.

Starting June 6, all OPAS members will be able to earn credit toward your future shipments each time your friends use package forwarding to buy from US stores. Under the new referral program, each friend you invite to use OPAS will automatically get a percentage of their first shipment credited to their own account, and you’ll receive a percentage of the cost of every shipment they make, every month.

How to Earn Package Forwarding Credit

All you have to do to earn package forwarding credit is invite your friends to use OPAS. Once your friends create an account using your invitation, you’ll get a percentage of all their shipping charges credited to your account automatically. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the referral program will work, starting on June 6:

  1. Get Your Own OPAS Account!
    Before you can refer your friends, you’ll need your own package forwarding account from OPAS. Click here to get your package forwarding account now.
  2. Invite Your Friends
    On June 6, you’ll be able to access a special invitation page by logging into your OPAS package forwarding account. The more friends you invite, the more package forwarding credit you earn!
  3. Your Friends Ship
    Each time one of your friends ships a package, you’ll automatically get a percentage of their shipping charges credited to your account.

Who Do You Know Who Needs a Package Forwarding Address?

Ready to Start Earning Package Forwarding Credit?

If you don’t have an OPAS account yet, get a package forwarding address now. If you already have an account, share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter to get your friends interested. All OPAS members will get an email notification as soon as the Referral Program is ready.


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