Get International Shipping on Missoni for Target

How to Get Missoni for Target Outside the US

Last week, the Missoni for Target collection proved to be so popular that demand for the products crashed Target’s online store. Within hours of the collection’s launch, items were being sold on eBay and Craigslist for up to four times their selling price on Target’s website.

international shipping on missoni for targetThis made it hard for a lot of shoppers in the US to buy the Missoni items, but what about shoppers outside the US? Even once Target’s website went back online, international shoppers faced another obstacle: Target doesn’t ship internationally.

The fix for this is easy, though. By using a package forwarding service, Missoni fans can get international shipping on Missoni for Target, and get access to the same items as US shoppers.

By signing up for a US package forwarding address, you can buy Missoni for Target directly from Target’s website, or bid on auctions on eBay. (You could even use it to buy from Craigslist, if the sellers will ship to a US address.)

Two Reasons to Buy Missoni for Target from the US

There are two reasons you might want to buy Missoni for Target from the US. The obvious reason is that you just like the designs. Fair enough.

But there another possibility. If blankets that sold on for $40 are selling for $200 on Craigslist in the US, just imagine what the resale market is overseas, where shoppers who don’t use package forwarding can’t even order from

How much would that blanket sell for in Tokyo or Australia? If you’re of an enterprising mind, package forwarding might be your ticket to some unique inventory. 🙂

Missoni for Target is a Limited Time Offer

The Missoni for Target collection is only available through October 22, and only on Target’s website (the items are not sold in stores). The auction market is likely to shoot up even further after the official window ends, so you’d better shop while you can.


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