Get International Shipping on Google Chromebook

Google Chromebook Available to Package Forwarding Members

On Monday Google announced the release of it’s new Google Chromebook laptop computer. Available as of the 15th, the Chromebook is a new kind of computer that stores all of your files, data, programs, and even its operating system on Google’s cloud servers. This makes the experience of using the computer, faster, simpler, and easier than ever before.

How to Get a Google Chromebook With International Shipping

Technology enthusiasts have been awaiting this new device for a long time, but the Chromebook finally went on sale this week–in the US, of course. Other countries will have to wait until some months later to purchase this cool new computer. But you can buy one right now using your US address from OPAS to purchase a Chromebook from Amazon or Best Buy and get international shipping through package forwarding. (Both Amazon and Best Buy will only ship within the US.)

Google Chromebook Makes & Models Work in Any Country

There are four Chromebook models available from both Acer and Samsung. Each manufacturer offers both 3G and W-Fi models, so you can use the computer to access the internet and Google’s computing cloud anywhere, in any country.

Google Chromebook, Online Shopping, and Package Forwarding

What good is a new computer without new ways to shop online, right? 🙂 Since the Google Chromebook will connect you to the internet anywhere, anytime, you’ll be able to shop during your commute, while waiting in traffic, on the bus, on a train, even on an airplane.

The Google Chromebook could even improve your package forwarding experience. You’ll be able to get your item arrival notices more quickly and make international shipping requests from anywhere you happen to be!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Google Chromebook? Or will you just stick with the iPad 2? Discuss your reaction in the comments section.

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