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Everyone loves food! And the internet makes it easy to shop online for your favorite specialty foods. Whether you like sweet or savory, gourmet foods can be a delicious treat for yourself, or perfect gift for nearly any occasion. Since most gourmet and specialty food stores rely on regional ingredients or production, it can be difficult if not impossible to get these products outside of the US. And since most specialty food shops don’t offer international shipping, package forwarding is a great way to get a taste of the best gourmet food stores in the US!

gourmet food international shippingSix Gourmet Food Stores with Delicious US Products but “No International Shipping”

These will whet your appetite for international shipping:

  1. Hickory Farms – Hickory Farms sells “the freshest gifts for any occasion.” They specialize in sausages and cheeses, and even sell crackers to go with them. We’ve had the chance to sample some of their beef and turkey Summer Sausages and they are amazing! Fruits, nuts, and even whole turkeys and hams are also available.
  2. Harry & David – If you want a great gift that will please your eye as well as your palate, head to Harry & David’s website for baskets, boxes, and even “towers” of fruit, chocolate, baked goods, and wine. Their Moose Munch snacks are a unique blend of popcorn, caramel, and chocolate that you definitely won’t find in other countries!
  3. Braga Organic Farms – This California specialty store is certified organic and wants you to “go green” with their HUGE 2lb bags of roasted pistachios. They’re available in garlic and chili flavors and even come in combinations, or with dried fruit. We’ve had a taste of the chili ones and can attest to their tastiness. 🙂
  4. Popcorn, Indiana – Indiana has a lot of corn. Popcorn, Indiana is a company that turns that corn into great-tasting whole-grain snacks. They’ve got popcorn in almost any flavor or variety you could think of–and many you probably couldn’t. And it’s not only popcorn–they sell corn chips, too. These US products are a true US export!
  5. Keurig – You’ll need something to wash down all that, won’t you? Keurig sells over 200 varieties of gourmet and specialty coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced beverages. Can’t make a decision between so many choices? Don’t worry–they sell variety packs and samples to get you started (and hopefully coming back).
  6. Woodhouse Chocolate – What would a list of gourmet foods be without a chocolatier? Father’s Day is coming soon and nothing would make your dad happier than a box of excuisite chocolates, caramels, truffles, or even hot chocolate. The pictures on their website look so good you’ll want to eat your computer monitor.

Use Package Forwarding to Please Your Palate – Get International Shipping on Gourmet Foods!

All of the foods above are non-perishable and ship easily, but none of the above stores offer overseas shipping. If you don’t already have one, register now to get a US address and order some of these great US products for yourself today. (Just be sure to check the customs guidelines for your country before ordering!)

Got any other great gourmet food sources? Share them with other package forwarding members in the comments section!

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