Get International Shipping from eBay Sellers Who Don’t Offer it

Bid on US-Only eBay Auctions with a Package Forwarding Address

EBay auctions offer some of the world’s most unique items and best deals on a daily basis, yet many US-based eBay sellers refuse to offer international shipping to bidders outside the US. For example, consider this unfortunate situation we came across on Twitter:

international shipping from ebay

This kind of thing happens all the time: you find just what you’re looking for on eBay, but the seller is only willing to ship the item within the US.

It might be frustrating for you as a buyer when you can’t get what you want simply because you live outside the US. But sellers often have a good reason for wanting to limit their auctions to US-only bidders. Here’s another example from Twitter:

no international shipping from ebay

International shipping can be a hassle for eBay sellers who aren’t familiar with the procedures. Shipping overseas requires more paperwork than shipping domestically, and can take up a lot of the seller’s time, and even cost them money.

How to Get International Shipping from Any eBay Seller

Ebay makes auctions pretty simple for sellers, so if they don’t list international shipping as an option, it probably means they don’t want to ship overseas. Asking sellers to ship internationally when they’ve purposefully disabled eBay’s international shipping options will only annoy them (and provoke messages like the Twitter post above!).

To get international shipping from any eBay seller, make it easy for them. By using a US package forwarding address, you can bid on any US eBay auction, ask the seller to ship to your US package forwarding address, and then let the forwarding company handle the international shipping.

This way, you don’t even have to tell the seller that you’re an international buyer. It’s the easiest way for you to buy from eBay, and your seller only has to make a regular US-domestic shipment.

Get a US Package Forwarding Address to Bid on US-Only Auctions

If you want to get international shipping from a US-only eBay auction, the easiest way is to get a US package forwarding address. Since you don’t even have to tell the seller that you’re an international buyer, a package forwading address makes it easier for both of you.


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