US Products “As Seen on TV,” But Not in US Stores

us products as seen on tvIf you live outside the US, you might not be familiar with the common phrase, “As Seen on TV.” “As Seen on TV” is a marketing line used to sell US products on television through direct-response mail-order companies. Products marketed through this system are usually advertised on US TV in infomercials or regular commercial breaks. The trick is that these products are not available in normal US stores. The customer has to call a special phone number, or visit a special website, in order to get the advertised product.

“As Seen on TV” products are often unique, imaginitive, and sometimes even ingenious! These commercials often highlight clever inventions that perform useful everyday functions, but unless you watch TV in the US, you’ll never know they exist.

“As Seen on TV” (And Online US Shopping Sites)

Luckily, there are several US shopping sites that sell “As Seen On TV” products exclusively. Here are a few of them, along with some examples of the types of products you’re likely to find there.

    A quick look at this shopping site will give you a good idea of what kinds of products are commonly sold through “As Seen On TV” platforms. Their front page features an unusual furniture moving tool, a simple yet clever device to fix sagging cushions, and an automatic pot stirrer that comes with a “surprise gift.” Like most “As Seen On TV” products, these items are simple, yet solve common, everyday problems in creative ways.
  2. As Seen On TV Guys
    This website even has a video that shows the kind of commercials that “As Seen On TV” products are typically advertised through. At the moment the featured commercial is for a water cannon powered by your garden hose that can be used to wash cars, houses, patios, sidewalks, “and more.” (The “and more” aspect is almost a requirement of “As Seen On TV” products!)
  3. Seen On TV Express
    Seen On TV Express claims to be the “Best As Seen On TV Website.” Even though they sell most of the same “As Seen On TV” products as the other sites, they’re still a great example of the niche these products fill. Where else could you find a 3-in-1 hedge trimmer or a remote control that stops your dog from barking?
  4. As Seen On TV Center
    Some of the other sites lack organizing principles and can feel a bit cluttered. As Seen On TV Center’s product categories not only organized their products, they give you a good picture of the kind of markets As Seen On TV products typically fill. “Pet Products” contains unique items like an electronic cat toy, and a potty training system for dogs. Beauty products include Hollywood’s top beauty secrets, and there is a wide variety of exercise programs and equipment to choose from.

Get Unique US Products Shipped Overseas

“As Seen On TV” products are some of the most unique inventions available, but you won’t be able to find them outside the US. Try browsing some of the websites above, and you’re sure to find something that solves a small problem you never knew you had. These products are exciting and even exotic! And of course, package forwarding shoppers can get international shipping to any country.

What’s the coolest “As Seen On TV” product you’ve seen? Funniest? Most creative? Post your comments below!

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