Get A US Address – How It Works

What we do in a nutshell:

how OPAS works

 Get a US address

1. We provide you a with a personal mailbox with a real US address to receive packages.

Shop online 

2. Shop mostly anywhere and for almost anything – just have it shipped to your OPAS US address mailbox.

We forward it all to you  

3. We send all packages directly to you overseas – at a significant savings to standard shipping rates. We can do this right away, or we can consolidate your packages for you.

Your OPAS US address allows you too:

  1. Make purchases from most online retailers in the United States, even those who do not ship internationally.
  2. Benefit from 0% sales tax GUARANTEED as your address will be in Oregon, the 0% US sales tax state
  3. Take advantage of US internet sales and favorable exchange rates.
  4. Have an easy-to-use way to receive mail and forward packages to your overseas address
  5. Avoid difficulty using international credit cards with US merchants by using our Personal Shopper service or signing up for a debit card with our partner US Unlocked.
  6. Save a ton on shipping
  7. Buy and sell from
  8. Consolidate items from many stores into one international shipment and save BIG (read our tips on consolidation here)

OPAS’ significant volume discounts save our customers up to 70% off the cost of shipping the items themselves! We have partnered with DHL and UPS – the global market leaders in the logistics industry. DHL and UPS deliver packages to more than 200 countries. Because of our partnerships, our customers can take advantage of steep discounts, track their packages in transit and receive their packages within 2-5 business days to most locations.

Get A US Address Today! 




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