FREE Gifts for Package Forwarding Members!

Use Package Forwarding to Get Free Gifts!

On Monday we posted an article on how to get international shipping from delicious gourmet food stores using package forwarding. We’ve sampled some of the products we wrote about and can promise you they are all delicious. 🙂

Today you can try some for yourself! We’ve got free gifts from Harry & David, a USA store right here in Oregon that sells gourmet gifts, gifts boxes, and more. Here’s the deal:

  1. First, to receive any of these free gifts, you have to have a package forwarding account with OPAS. (If you don’t already have one, you can sign up here.)
  2. Take a look at the gifts we have available below.
  3. You can request whichever gift you’d like by completing the form at the bottom of this post. They are all absolutely FREE!
  4. Your gift will be added to your OPAS item manager just like a regular item once we receive your request.
  5. You can request to ship your gift at any time. You can ship it by itself, or combine it with other items to save on the shipping cost! (The gifts are free–you only have to pay the shipping cost.)

Combine These Free Gifts With Your Package Forwarding Shipments!

  1. Roasted Nuts Sample Pack
    Contains four bags of assorted nuts: pistacios, macadamia nuts, almonds, and cashews. (2 lbs)
    assorted nuts
  2. Moose Munch Variety Tin
    Tin contains six varieties of “Moose Munch” popcorn snack (as seen on the Food Network!). (6 lbs)
    moose munch
  3. Assorted Snacks Gift Box #1
    Contains individual packs of: jelly beans, “Moose Munch,” cookies, licorice, pretzels, trail mix, and smoked steak strips. (6 lbs)
    snack box1
  4. Assorted Snacks Gift Box #2
    Contains individual packs of: “Moose Munch,” gourmet popcorn, trail mix, raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, spinach artichoke dip, 3-seed crackers, pretzel twists, chocolate covered cherries. (11 lbs)
    snack box2
  5. Dried Fruit Tray
    An assortment of dried fruits on an elegant wooden tray. (4 lbs)
    fruit tray
  6. Dried Fuit Platter
    An assortment of dried fruits on a round metallic platter. (5 lbs)
    fruit platter
  7. Chocolate Gift Box
    As assortment of chocolates and truffels in a handsome gift box. (6 lbs)
    chocolate box

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