Excellent Service And Affordable Package Forwarding Services

For many consumers, part of finding a great deal also included the service and ancillary benefits that may come from making a purchase. Excellent customer care, shopper benefits, and peace of mind in receiving quality merchandise are equally important.  With online purchases, these value added aspects can become even more impactful, especially since interactions are done remotely.

Just because you are ordering from a virtual marketplace, in the comfort of your home, does not mean that you need to settle for an impersonal experience.  A greater number of online vendors are getting the message that consumers still want to feel special and cared for, even if they are not having a face to face.  This means that cybersales are focusing more strongly on the personal points that set them apart from other vendor offerings.

Excellent Service And Affordable Package Forwarding Services

The Shipping Hurdle

While a number of international and even national customers may find that these trends add greater enjoyment to a convenient interaction, they are also finding that there are some limits to the personal treatment.  Sadly, this can come as soon as the shopper is ready to check out, only to find that shipping is restrictive hurdle. 

Package Forwarding Services

One way of overcoming this issue is to use package forwarding.  This basically provides you with a valid US based address where the orders can arrive.  From here, your orders are processed for international shipping, either as a bulk package, or as the items arrive at the forwarding address.  National customers with PO Boxes can also make use of our service, and gain the items they want.

At OPAS, we not only provide affordable package forwarding services, but also add value to the shopping experience with our own customer care and attendance.  Our dedicated team listens to client needs, and can also provide benefits such as item inspection, package consolidation, and even shopping assistance.  This means that online customers who use OPAS can double the value of their shopping experience, for greater satisfaction and results.

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