Easier US Online Shopping with Google Commerce

One of the reasons people love using package forwarding to shop online in the US is that the US has the largest selection of online stores in the world. But how do you find exactly what you’re looking for amidst the overwhelming variety at US online stores? Recently, Google has introduced a new online shopping platform to help online stores make their inventory more accessible to shoppers.

us online shoppingGoogle Commerce 3.0 lets online stores incorporate the “Google Instant” feature into their store’s search box, which adds the “search as you type” experience of the Google search engine to any e-commerce platform. This helps shoppers narrow their search more quickly and find precisely what they’re looking for without having to wade through a long list of search results.

Of course, sometimes the peripheral items are part of the fun of shopping. That’s why Google has included an “Enhanced Merchandising” feature that lets stores pop up additional information alongside search queries in order to tempt you with related products. There’s also a recommendation feature that lets you view what others who searched for items similar to yours bought.

Want to give Google Commerce 3.0 a try? A few sites using the new search features are:

The above US online stores only ship to the US, but you can use your package forwarding membership to get international shipping from these or any other US stores.

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