Declaring Package Forwarding Shipments for International Shipping

Declare Your Package Forwarding Shipments For Faster Processing

Your package forwarding address lets you shop online at USA stores and get overseas shipping. But before you can ship internationally, you’ll need to declare the details of your packages.

So that your shipment can be processed as quickly as possible, you should declare your items after placing your order at a USA store, before your order arrives at OPAS. Remember that the details you declare will be used to prepare your export and customs documentation, so be sure to declare accurately!

Enter the Name of the USA Store You’re Buying From

The name of the US online store you’re buying from will be used to help identify your package when it arrives at our warehouse. By declaring the store name before your package arrives, your packages can be entered into the system more quickly.

Since items you buy from different US stores will arrive in different packages, you’ll have to submit a different declaration form for each US store you shop at. (Don’t worry, you can still consolidate your packages when you make a shipping request.)

Order Details for International Shipping and Customs

Accurately declaring your order details will help your packages move quickly through customs. Vague descriptions can result in delays, or even unnecessary duties and taxes.

Different materials may be treated differently depending on your country’s customs authority. For example, a “vinyl” handbag might incur less taxes than a “leather” handbag. Be sure to declare your items accurately to avoid being charged an extra tax!

Unit Price Will Appear On Your International Shipping Documents

Remember that the value you enter on your declare form is the value that will be declared at customs, so it is important that you declare accurately. If you declare too high a value, you may be assessed more taxes than you want to pay! If you declare too low a value, your declared value may be considered unreasonable and adjusted upward.

Your Packages Are On Their Way!

After declaring your order, all you have to do it wait for your package to arrive at OPAS. You’ll automatically be notified by e-mail when your packages arrive at our warehouse.

What’s your experience with declaring packages? Is anything about the process confusing? Any surprises related to customs when your packages arrived in your country? Let us know in the comments section below.


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