Consolidating Your Packages from US Online Stores

Using your US address to Shop US Online Stores

If you are shopping online in the US from overseas you probably are buying items from more than one store. By using a package forwarding service like OPAS you get many benefits. Of course, the most obvious benefit is that you can buy from almost any store, even if they do not ship internationally, because you have a US address with us. And, because we are in a no sales-tax state you will not pay sales tax. Another benefit is the ability to consolidate packages and save money on shipping and customs taxes.

Heaver Packages Cost Less per Pound

It’s true that international shipping rates are less per pound for heavier packages. That is one reason consolidating several packages into one saves you money. Even if the total weight of several packages is the same as putting everything into one box, consolidating your purchases will reduce your total shipping cost.

Dimensional Weight

Consolidating Packages for Internatinonal ShippingAnother reason consolidating your shipments with OPAS is good is that many US stores ship an item in a box bigger than necessary. Some of them like will fill the space with paper, or air bags but some just leave the item loose in the box. A larger box will increase your shipping cost because it may trigger dimensional weight charges, a calculation that reflects the density of a package. Also, for the protection of your item during international shipping, it is good to have a snug fit – and you might as well make that sung fit with the other items you have bought in the US.

You can see this package we received with one box inside and no packing around it. This might work when shipping inside the US but not internationally.

Duty Tax on Designer Goods

If you are shipping items from a well known designer brand you may want to avoid customs duties by asking us in your ship request to discard a branded box. The well known logo might be a clue that your items are valuable and the customs agents may assess a higher import tax. The shipment we send to you will contain the declaration you make in our system so if you remove the designer logo from the contents of your package your declaration should be the basis for customs taxes.

On the other hand, you might want the packaging as it is part of a gift or it may be a decorative box. Some clothing stores send lightweight boxes with ribbons around them inside a bigger shipping box and the interior box is integral to the item. Consolidating that box with other purchases will still save you shipping costs.

Saving Money with a US Address

So you will save money in several ways by using a US address from OPAS when you shop from overseas. You will save on sales tax since we are in a sales-tax free state. You will save on shipping costs by consolidating your purchase, and you can save on customs duty taxes by removing designer logos from your boxes.

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