Compare Item Sizes When Shopping with a Package Forwarding Address

How Package Forwarding Shoppers Can Compare Product Sizes

One of the disadvantages to using a package forwarding address to buy from US stores is that you can’t get a sense of an item’s size as easily as you can by walking into a physical store. Items like clothing or shoes are fairly easy to estimate because of standardized international sizes, but other consumer products, like phones and electronics, are more difficult.

Although such products usually include measurements in their descriptions, it can be difficult to visualize what they will look and feel like in your pocket or home. Luckily, there are a number of online tools that help you compare irregularly sized objects before you use your package forwarding address to purchase them online.

Compare Phone Sizes with

compare-phone-sizesBecause you carry them around with you, often in a pocket or purse, knowing the size of a phone is pretty valuable information when making a purchase. Models sold in the US are often different than those sold overseas, so checking out a local store probably won’t help if you’re shopping with a package forwarding address. gives you a fast, easy way to compare phone sizes. All you have to do is choose the phone models you want to compare from the drop-down menu, and will give you a side-by-side visual comparison.

You enter your screen’s dimensions and resolution to make sure shows you the phones at their actual size. And if you want to compare the phones’ screen sizes, click the “Toggle screens” button to display a comparable image across all your example phones.

Compare TV Screen Sizes

TVs are another product that you really want to see in person before you buy. In a store you can easily see how much bigger a 32″ set is than a 25″ set, but that’s harder to see when buying with a package forwarding address.

Display Wars is a simple way to visually compare different TV screen sizes. Simply enter the aspect ratio and size of the two screens you want to compare, and Display Wars will give you a visual representation of the two screens overlapped on one another.

Compare Camera Sizes

camerasizeCameras, like phones, are something that you usually have to carry around or store in a pocket or purse, so a difference in size could really affect your decision over which model to purchase.

Camera Size lets you compare different cameras, not only to each other, but also to lenses, AA batteries, or the average human hand. It also lets you view cameras from different angles, so you can see if there are any shapes that may make one model preferable to another.

Compare Almost Anything

Finally, you may want to compare items that don’t fall into common product categories, or maybe items from different product categories (for example, a phone and a camera).

social compare sizesSizeasy is a quick tool to let you compare the size of an item you plan to buy to an item you’re already familiar with. For example, if you want to buy an iPhone but aren’t sure of its size, you could enter its dimesions as they are provided on Apple’s website. For comparison, you might enter the dimestions of a product you already have, maybe a Macbook Pro.

Sizeeasy will give you a quick 3d model of both products size-by-side. You can also choose from common objets, like playing cards or matchbooks, with predefined sizes.

A similar tool is SocialCompare. It works very similarly to Sizeasy, but its predefined shapes include the iPhone and iPad, as well as human shapes.

Compare… and Share!

A great feature of a number of these web apps is that they let you easily share your comparisons on social media sites like Facebook. Why not share your comparisons on the OPAS Facebook page to let other package forwarding shoppers know what you’re looking at? If you have questions about the size of object, there are many others who can probably help you!


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