Charities That OPAS Supports

At OPAS, we are committed to giving back by supporting the following amazing charities. Join us in our commitment to helping others. You can donate to these charities directly or ask us to donate your OPAS Friends referral points. If you would like to support another charity that is not found on this list, please reach out to us!

Charity water

charity: water

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of public donations go to water projects.

World neighbors

World Neighbors

World Neighbors is an international development organization that works to alleviate hunger, poverty, and disease in the most isolated rural villages in Asia, Africa and Latin America. World Neighbors does not give away food or material aid, but we take a big-picture, holistic approach focusing on the entire community rather than on one issue. World Neighbors has found that problems and issues within a community are all interrelated and that you cannot solve one problem in isolation.

Doctors Without Borders is one of the charities that OPAS supports

Doctors Without Borders

The organization helps provide medical humanitarian care and support in over 70 countries. 

is an organization that OPAS supports


The organization helping to keep Earth wild by protecting Earth’s wild and irreplaceable nature. The WILD Foundation has been building new, innovative solutions for wilderness from the ground up since 1974. Solutions that revolutionize opportunities for the entire conservation sector.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross

The Red Cross gives people the chance to donate blood to help other people in need of medical support. In addition, they are on a mission to prevent and relieve suffering by helping donate time, money and blood. 

Which other charities should we add to this list? Please let us know by either leaving a comment or contact us below! We’d love to hear from you. Together, we can make a difference. Join us. 

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