Celebrate Black Friday With Us!

Coming Soon: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November is upon us, so that means the holidays are coming soon. Thanksgiving is holiday unique to Americans, but the sales associated with Thanksgiving are something savvy shoppers look forward to worldwide. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and it was traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. Stores used to open early Friday morning to start the holiday shopping season. Surely you have seen pictures and videos of shoppers waiting in line for stores to open, and then the mad dash of shoppers as as they run into the stores.

BLKFA few years ago stores began opening at midnight after Thanksgiving, to get an even earlier jump on consumer’s Christmas gift money. Then even more recently stores started their sales even earlier! Some chains began sales during the day on Thanksgiving, considering the fact everyone had the day off. There has been some backlash to this “jumping the gun,” though. Many people who want to take advantage of the deals don’t want to give up time with their families on Thanksgiving Day. Large retailers also started requiring their staff to work when only a few years earlier they all would have had the day off. This resulted in quite a bit of negative press for especially the largest retailers, and some consumers even carried out campaigns to boycott stores open on Thanksgiving Day, and to only shop at stores that gave their employees the holiday off. Despite the great sales, bad press is never welcome.

Since all the big retailers also sell their goods online, many are avoiding the backlash of early Thanksgiving sales by having their sales online even earlier instead of only in their physical stores. As an OPAS member this is great for you! Stores are also learning that as shoppers are more aware of the timing of sales and special deals and that running out of popular products hurts everyone. Sales are spread out a little more to not overwhelm sellers. For example, in addition to Black Friday, “Cyber Monday” is becoming a new tradition. This is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, so this year it is November 28. Some stores have extended their online exclusive sales to a “Cyber Week” to last even longer. So it is a great time to be an OPAS member and to do online shopping at US retailers!

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