Buying Ralph Lauren Online from the US

After Christmas Sales at US Online Stores

Some of our members are taking advantage of the after Christmas sales. For example, the Ralph Lauren US online store has great after Christmas prices, and an additional 30% off select items, too. That’s in addition to dedicated Sale page that’s available year-round. One of our members treated their children to some classy winter clothing and made out like a bandit.

The Ralph Lauren purchase

Ralph Lauren carries a wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family–and they even have a home section. Here is what our member choose:

The girl in the family got two items. The first item was a Lace-Ruffled Jersey Top in Deckwash White. The retail price was $49.50 and the Sale Price was $24.99. but with the additional 30% off the price was $17.49, saving 32.01, a 70% reduction!

The second piece for the girl was a Cotton Mockneck Zip Cardigan in Maui Pink. The retail price was $75.00. The sale price was $59.99. But with the 30% off they paid $39.99, saving $35.01, a 47% reduction!

The boy in the family also got two items. The first item was a Cashmere Cable Crewneck in New Litchfield Blue. The retail price was $225. The Sale price was $179.99. RL did not offer the 30% off on this sweater, but the savings were still substantial, $45 which is 20%.

The second item for the boy was a Long-Sleeved Custom-Fit Polo in Red. The retail price was $45 and the Sale price was $27.99. But with the 30% off they paid only $19.59, saving $25.41, a big 56%!

Shipping Ralph Lauren internationally

Ralph Lauren

Shipping from Ralph Lauren to the OPAS warehouse in Portland, Oregon was $8 so the total cost to our warehouse was $265.06. Our member was not charged sales tax because Oregon is a sales-tax free state, a savings of up to $27.83.

The International Shipment

We received the package in our warehouse on January 4 and our member requested the shipment on January 5th. The package was shipped to Tokyo the same day using Yamato Transport.

The actual weight was 4 pounds. The dimensional weight was 9 pounds so our member could have added up to 5 pounds of small items to take advantage of the potential free international shipping. The shipping fee was $54 with a fuel surcharge of $9.45. The insurance fee was $5.30 based on the purchase cost.

The total fees from our warehouse to Tokyo were $68.75 so the delivered cost of the purchase was $333.81. Savings from sales prices was $112.11.

Savvy Mom

Our member is one smart mother. She knows how to take advantage of international shopping in the US, package forwarding from a no sales-tax state, and benefits from the favorable exchange rates and better US prices. And she knows how to find the best clothing at the best prices. Think you can beat her? Share your best deals in the comments section.

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