Buying Golf Equipment Online in the US from Japan

Honing your Golf Skills for Spring

Explanar Golf TrainerSpring is here in the northern hemisphere and summer is coming soon. Some of our customers are preparing to be in tip top form with their golf swing by buying golf equipment to train with and use on the course. I thought you might be interested in hearing about this unusual shipment that passed though our warehouse recently.

The Golf Equipment Purchase in the US

Our customer is a family man; he bought training equipment for his son and himself from three different US on-line stores. First he bought an Explanar Training System and an Explanar Junior Training System to hone up on form. The full-size system was $990+$99.95 S&H and the junior system was $599 with no S&H to our OPAS warehouse.

Then he bought a set of Tour Striker training clubs for his son, for $99.95+$10 S&H as well as a set of standard Tour Striker clubs for $219.98 with no S&H.

JrExplanarTrainer-resized-600The total cost to our warehouse was $2,018.88. He saved as much as $200.44 on sales tax by using OPAS since we are in a no-sales-tax state.

The Tour Striker clubs arrived on April 4th at our warehouse. The full-size Explanar Training System arrived on the 5th. The Junior Explanar Training System and the training clubs arrived on the 6th making the delivery complete.

The OPAS Shipment from the US to Japan

Tour Striker Golf ClubOur customer asked us to inspect the packages when they arrived to be sure the items were as ordered ($5 fee). And he asked us to consolidate the packages ($10) and to expedite the processing of the shipment ($5). He wanted to insure the package for $2,018.88; the 2% insurance fee was $40.38.

The packages we received had an actual combined weight of 189 pounds with a dimensional weight of 233 pounds. We consolidated the four packages into two. The new single package with the clubs was long and over-sized. The combined actual weight was 187 pounds and the dimensional weight was 206 pounds, saving 27 pounds of shipping weight over the original packages. Our customer could have added up to 19 pounds of gloves, tees, or balls to the packages for free shipping on those items.

We were asked to expedite the shipment using DHL so we sent it off on April 9, 4:35 pm to the Osaka region in Japan. The shipping fee was $646.84 plus a fuel surcharge of $90.56 and an over-size charge of $50 for the clubs. The total cost leaving our dock was $847.78.

The packages traveled from Portland, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Osaka, and was delivered to our customer’s address on April 12th at 2:26 pm local time; two days and six hours of transit time door to door thanks to DHL’s excellent service commitment.

Father and Son on the Golf Course

I can imagine the joy and expectation of fun times as they pulled the clubs out and assembled the trainers. I’d like to be a fly on the golf bag as they show off their new skills on the course with friends. What a great idea for Father’s day – coming up in the US on June 17 – a gift of clubs or a round with friends on the course.


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