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Buying Horchow Gateonline form the USI am often surprised and delighted by the interesting purchases of our members. Recently we had an unusual item pass through our warehouse. A customer of ours from Japan asked us to be her personal shopper for a garden gate. Horchow sells this beautiful hand forged iron gate by MacKenzie Childs, a one-of-a-kind collectible piece of garden art.

Horchow is the first luxury mail-order catalog merchant without a “bricks and mortar” companion and is a popular on-line merchant with our members. But Horchow does not deliver internationally, nor do they have warehouses in other countries, so our member used her US address with OPAS to purchase this beautiful and fun gate.

Personal Shopper Details

Our Japanese member asked us on February 14 to buy this garden gate for her. It was on sale at 30% off the usual retail price of $895. Our smart member was watching the sales and we were able to purchase the gate for her for only $626.50, saving her $268.50. Because OPAS is in Oregon, a sales-tax-free state, she saved up to $65.78 on sales tax.

We placed the order on the day she made the request. It was shipped to us for a shipping and handling fee of $180. Our Personal Shopper Fee was $120.98. We received the gate on February 28 and notified our member that the gate was in our warehouse. She immediately responded and requested that we ship it to her. We shipped the package to her the next day using DHL.

The Shipment from the US to Japan

The actual weight of the gate was 73 pounds, but the dimensional weight ({51 inches x 47 inches x 12 inches}/139) was 207 pounds so the shipping fee, based on dimensional weight, was $649.98. Our member could have consolidated additional small items up to 143 pounds into her package for free shipping on those other items if there was room in the package for them.

Because of the shape of the gate DHL charged an oversize fee of $50. And because of the remote location of our member (Niigata Province, Japan) they charged a Remote Area Surcharge of $53.82. DHL’s fuel surcharge was $74.75. Our member asked us to provide insurance to cover the purchase and shipping cost to our warehouse of $806.50. The cost for the insurance was $16.13.

The International Delivery

The package left our warehouse in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, February 29, traveled through the Los Angeles hub on March 1, arrived in Tokyo on the 2nd, was cleared for customs and sent to a forwarding location on the 3rd, and was forwarded for delivery to her by the local service on Monday the 5th.

Smart International Shopper

The whole transaction took 20 calendar days, only 6 of which were after we received the gate at our OPAS warehouse. The total cost to her door for this one of a kind hand crafted garden gate was $1,772.19 plus any customs charges in Tokyo. Because she is a smart lady she saved $268.50 by watching for a sale and as much as $65.78 on sales tax by using OPAS.

I can imagine her elation at receiving her smart purchase and seeing the charming gate gracing her lovely garden. How would you feel if this gate was in your garden?


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