Buy an iPad 3 from the US, Get International Shipping

Order the iPad 3 from the US Using Package Forwarding

If you’re an Apple fan, today’s your day. The iPad 3 is finally available in the US and 9 other countries. (The other countries are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and the UK.)

buy ipad 3 from the usBut what if you don’t live in one of those ten countries? No problem, you can simply order your iPad 3 from the US Apple Store using a package forwarding address.

Because international shipping is not available on Apple products, either directly from the Apple store or through retail sites like, you’ll have to get a US address from a forwarding company before you can place your order.

Maybe you’ve heard that Apple won’t ship to forwarding companies? This is true, for most companies. However, OPAS has a secret strategy for ordering Apple products outside the US, including the new iPad 3.

All OPAS members have access to a top-secret Alternate Address. Once you register for an OPAS account, you can request this address if you need to order from Apple or other stores that don’t ship to forwarding companies.

Ordering an iPad 3 from the US… for a Third Time?

Here’s another tip: if you ordered the iPad 2 from the US last year and are wondering whether it’s worth the price to upgrade, you can trade it in to Apple for credit toward the new version. That will cover the shipping cost, at least. 🙂


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