Black Friday Deals Early?


For anyone who doesn’t know, Black Friday is coming! Odds are good, if you’re a savvy enough online shopper to make use of a forwarder like OPAS, you know that Black Friday is the sales event of the year, which is the day after Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US.

What’s unique about this Black Friday is that it is as late as it possibly can be this year. For those who don’t know, Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November. As November 1st was a Friday this year, Thanksgiving isn’t until the 28th of November.


What the lateness of the holiday means is that merchants are going to lose at least a few selling days in the vital holiday season from Black Friday to Christmas, so they’re going to do everything they can to perk up sales in the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. You can expect to see prices begin to drop and promotions begin to pick up any day now.

Admittedly, the international online shopper is likely more interested in Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday and retailers clean out the leftovers from their physical locations with discounted sales online, but as Black Friday in-store sales begin to creep earlier and earlier into November, you can bet that the merchants will do something similar for online shoppers. It’s all part of the push to compete for your spending budget, and as a member of OPAS you have the US address to be a part of it, and get some great deals on the items you want!

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So keep your eyes peeled on your favorite sites, this year in particular will be a strong one for savvy shoppers!

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