Beware “We were not able to delivery the post package” UPS Email Scam!

Don’t Click UPS “We were not able to delivery the post package” Email!

It’s normal to feel a little anxious about your packages when using a forwarding service to get international shipping from US stores. Especially around the holidays, you want to make sure that your packages not only get to you, but get to you on time.

ups package not delivered email scamThat’s exactly the anxiety behind a recent email scam that targets online shoppers. The scam involves an email that looks as if it comes from UPS and claims that “We were not able to delivery the post package.”

In reality, this email does NOT come from UPS. It’s only a fake designed to scare you into clicking on the “Track Your Shipment Now” link at the bottom of the page, which may infect your computer with a virus.

How to Avoid the “We were not able to delivery the post package” Email Scam

If you’re waiting for a package to arrive from UPS at your US package forwarding address, you might be alarmed when you see an email claiming that your package could not be delivered. But no matter how nervous you are about your package, it’s generally not a good idea to click a link in an email like this.

The simplest way to verify the status of your package is to either check the UPS website yourself, or even to track your packges using Google. If you use a shopping organizer, you can also check there to see where your packages really are.

Be Aware of Online Holiday Shopping Scams

UPS is doing their best to discredit scams like the above, and they even have a web page dedicated to fighting fraud. If you know of another scam that could affect online shoppers this holiday season, please share any information in the comments section below.


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