Australian Dollar Means Cheap Shopping in the USA

Australian Dollar and Online Shopping

Australians who enjoy online shopping have noticed differences between prices in Australia and the prices of goods sold at US online stores for a long time. However, these differences have gotten even more noticeable recently as the Australian dollar has risen in value against the US dollar. Some Australian shoppers are frustrated and are looking for ways to avoid Australian prices and take advantage of the relatively cheap online shopping in the USA.

australian dollar and online shoppingPrices in Australia vs. USA Online Shopping Sites

To get a sense of what some of these Australian shoppers are feeling, read these Tweets we’ve come across recently:

  • “…But I could get it for nearly half price from a US store with shipping to Australia.” @JRgamez
  • “If there was shipping from USA to Australia I’d buy it today.” @TodaiPai
  • Shipping to Australia from USA saves so much, why does everything cost so much in OZ???” @Bulkinate

In fact, the Australian website Crickey has found that Australian consumers often pay more than twice as much for identical products sold at USA online stores. Readers of their website have pointed out wide gaps between Australian prices and prices at online stores in the US:

  • Pentax lenses costing nearly $850 in Australia are available for US$510 from a US online store.
  • High-end audio equipment costs three times as much in Australia as in the US.
  • Cycling equipment: tyres costing $50-70 locally available at online stores in the US for less than $30; bike chains costing $50-60 available for under $40 from US shopping sites; cassettes costing up to $100 here are available for under $50 at shopping sites in the US.

Shipping to Australia from USA Online Stores

But simply finding a better price at USA online stores is not a solution in itself. Another problem Australian shoppers face is that most US online stores don’t ship to Australia. Shoppers interested in sending parcels to Australia are usually out of luck becuase there simply aren’t many US stores that ship to Australia.

Package forwarding is a solution to this problem. Australians with package forwarding memberships can take advantage of the high Australian dollar by shopping in the USA at any online store using a US address and importing goods into Australia.

Using package forwarding, Australian shoppers can avoid the high prices in Australia, take advantage of the high Australian dollar, and enjoy shopping at the compartively low prices offered by US online stores.

What items are you interested in shipping from the USA to Australia? Discuss your shopping experiences in the comments section below!

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