An Oregon Shipping Address Is The Key To Avoiding Sales Tax

If you have been shopping online from the United States lately, you know many of the states in that country impose a sales tax on transactions. This sales tax is similar to the VAT tax used in many other nations around the world.

Sales taxes in the United States can be zero, or it can be very high. Unfortunately, sales taxes are becoming more prevalent as time goes on, although there are still a few states that do not require any sales tax on items purchased online.

Not so long ago, it was very rare for anyone to pay taxes on online purchases in the United States. Taxes were usually only imposed if the only business happened to have an office or warehouse in the U.S. state where the customer was making the purchase.

However, many states recently passed laws forcing online companies to collect certain taxes. This has made many online purchases highly expensive for people in the U.S. and those who would like to buy U.S. wares abroad.

At OPAS, we looked at this problem and wanted to ensure that our customers would have access to U.S. goods at the best rates possible. To help make this a reality, we have centralized many of our operations in the U.S. state of Oregon.

Why Is It Important For Customers Abroad To Have An Oregon Shipping Address?

When it comes to making purchases online and in person, the state of Oregon imposes very few taxes. While the state is not very well known abroad, and even people in the United States might not know much about it, it is valuable for our customers.

When you do business with OPAS, you can rest assured that your shipments will be routed through our sophisticated network focused on Oregon. Because of this, we can help you to avoid taxes that you might end up paying if you used other services.

Because you live abroad, you are under no obligation to pay U.S. taxes in most cases, even when buying goods. By ensuring that your shipments will go through the beautiful state of Oregon, we make it easier for you to save your money.

Anyone who has traveled in other countries knows there are complicated processes for getting money back that you have paid in taxes in a country where you do not live. With OPAS, you never have to worry about these issues since you are not charged in the first place. Avoiding sales tax has never been so easy!

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