Getting Your Favorite Items Through An American Forwarding Service 

Online retail has vastly expanded the scope of products that can be accessed by international shoppers.  The use of an American forwarding service for these shipments can further facilitate gaining ownership of items, and it also opens up a number of opportunities to take advantage of sales events and promotional lines.  At OPAS, we provide a US based mailing address and an American forwarding service for these packages, so that consumers can always get the goods they want.

One of our personal favorite vendors will always be Victoria’s Secret, with a great selection of lingerie, sleepwear, everyday clothing, and even beauty products.  The runway show put on by the company at the beginning of the year has apparently been inspiring to many of our customers who use our American forwarding service, as we have been processing a number of orders from this vendor.

Tips About Using An American Forwarding Service And Products

While we at OPAS love Victoria’s Secret for their selection and variety, we do also need to make sure that our clients who use our American forwarding service are aware that there can be some restrictions that are imposed by safety strictures to shipping.  For this particular company, perfumes and beauty products with high alcohol content can still be excluded from the American forwarding service.  This is due to the fact that breakage and leaks on these materials can become hazardous to handlers or could become a fire hazard.

Customers who use our American forwarding service for Victoria’s Secret and other favorite brands that include health and beauty aids are invited to look over the restrictions that do apply to certain products.  This will mostly include:

  • Some skin creams
  • Certain perfumes*
  • Nail polishes and polish removers

Our customer service department can help you to figure out which kinds of products you can ship. Get in touch via, our team will help you verify shipping ability.

You love it.  You want it.  You need it.  You should also make sure that you can get it.

*Please note it is possible to ship perfumes as DG (dangerous goods) but these shipments are more expensive  we do not charge anything extra for dangerous goods shipment, but we do pass along the charges that the courier applies to us.)

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